E1F2M 60

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E1F2M - 60 - electricity meter with pulse telemetry output.

Application: The electricity meters are designed for measuring the active power of single phase current up to 60 А. They comply with BS-EN-61036

1. Functions:
- Registration of consumed energy, using day-night (night and holiday) rate scheme;
- Managing the switching over of the rates from an external tariff clock;
- Registration of the readings up to 9 999 999,99 KWh;
- Liquid crystal display /LCD/;
- Accuracy class – 1,0 according to IEC 1036;
- In case of failure of the tariff clock, the consumed energy is recorded in rate T2 (Day rate);
- In case of connecting the energy meter terminals in a manner, different from the instructed, the consumed energy is recorded in a separate register for “reverse power”  – RP;
- Impulse output for connection with the system for data collection;

2. Additional features, their presence is indicated by:
- RP –  Reporting of energy back connectivity
- 380 – indication in the application of linear interfacial tension ~ 380V

3. Тechnical data:

Nominal voltage Un 230V АС
Operating voltage variation range 0,8 1,2Un
Frequency range 50Hz ±0,5%
Nominal current 10А
Maximal current Imax 30A; 40А; 50А; 60А
Short circuit current ≤ 10ms 3500A
Inrush current < 40ma
Consumed power < 3VA
Power consumption of current circuit < 0.15W
Measuring accuracy in I nom ... I max range ±1%
Operating temperature range –20°С to +55°C
Protection class IP51 acc. IEC 60529
Energy meter constant 5000 imp./kWh
Terminals 16mm2
Display LCD, 1 x 16 characters h=9mm
Dimentions 110 x 170 x 60mm
Weight ~ 0,5kg

Galvanic isolation of the impulse output - 5000 V
Electrostatic discharge - 8kV according to IEC 61000-4-2
High frequency field according to IEC 61000-4-3
27… 500MHz ≥10 V/m
100kHz … 1GHz  30V/m

Single – microwave corrugated cardboard with dimensions (LхWхH) 184х115х65 mm
Group – 20 pcs. energy meters, packed in boxes of three-layer corrugated cardboard with dimensions 390х260х370 mm and weight 15,6 kg
Transport – 720 pcs. energy meters (36 boxes х 20pcs.) with dimensions (LхWхH) 1.20х0.8х1.7m